Saturday, February 20, 2016

Head of the Harbour Series Two

                                        Another Saturday sailing , with only a dinghy fleet
                            It appears the yacht fleet of the PCSC is slowly disappearing ,
                                          with skippers intent on sailing dinghies,
                              and that thing called 'work' still interfering with sailing !


      The recent surge in Impulse Buying ...( no pun intended) is creating greater interest in the dinghy fleet, as competition hots up.. the Laser class is the second most popular choice amongst the PCSC sailors at present. so it was good to see at least one colourful spinnaker on the harbour yesterday...
                                 especially as the day deteriorated as far as weather was concerned

                            ... and fortunately Martin can be relied upon to give us some action


Martin Cooper

                                                        Martin showcased a few skills

Spinout added a bit of colour

Peter Mann and Will in Spinout'

Tim Williams gave us 'Mod' hair for the day ... We like it!  
                                                                Peter had Will in training

                                                             .. and he was concentrating hard ..
eager to make his mark..        

                                                     The usual Problems were on hand too...

                                          ... but with a nice clean start, Ray was looking good ..

                                             fortunately the Impulse takes a good 'rear shot'

                                                  Jackson, was putting the laser through its paces
Jackson Cooper
Morgan Lewis
                                   As the day progressed Morgan, Adrian, Jackson and Martin
                                               gave those impulse sailors some hot competition

                                                       At times it all gets a bit fuzzy...

                               .               ...  as we go round and round in the red rib

                                                  .. trying to focus on the fleet

                                             watching Jackson .. just in case he gives us a fancy turn

                                                          and keeping a close eye on others


A few new sailors to measure up...
David Cue on his new impulse

Steve Lewis ... not the only one going grey out there ...

Sheldon has also joined the Impulse class

                                      Maria and Ray trying to get that extra performance happening ...

                            competition is going to be neck and neck all season by the looks ..

                                                    Well done Will.. great looking spinnaker !

.. and then the blue sky was gone

                                                  dark clouds coming in... primary colours standing out ...

                                                              .. at the windward mark...

David Cue

                                                              boat by boat sailors  rounded the buoy

                                                        ...the light glaring on the water

                                                                  action , ropes, splash, and colour

                                                                     always aware

                                                      Will out for his first time on trapeze...

                                                     Everything was starting to look grey..

                                                         the skies looked ominous

                                                                      Time to head home

                                                           round up our fleet ...


                                                    back to those nice hot 'dimmies at the bar'





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