Saturday, September 5, 2015

Patrons Day and the beginning of a new season.. 2015/16 Here we GO!!!!

                                               The anchor heaves, the ship swings free,
                                                 The sails swell full. To Sea, to sea!
                                                                                      ( Sailors Song, T. L. Beddoes)
 All was busy in the rigging areas as the Moth, a sports boat and a lawn full of  dinghies prepared for the first day of a new and exciting season!
But it wasn't hard to remember just where we were!
Life on the Red Rib was quickly back to normal as we towed various dinghies and skiffs out to the creek entrance and went back for the next lot...


                                      Jackson was trying out the Bic for a day..... and there is a story there !
there was the usual scurrying up and down the start line , though it has to be said that there was certain lack of killer tactics .... in fact it was hard to tell when a race had actually started!
Rag Top was looking a bit comfortable ...

                                                           There was a new bloke on the block....

                                               there were a few ' visitors' from Bris -vegas !!

                                                             .. and a sporty boat or two..

Our favourite Moth came out to play..
and so everybody found ropes again and tried to remember what they were for....
it was all looking tropical..

                                   Whistles blew , yachts took to the start line .. .finally

Thylacine made it look like a race!

Colours were bright ..

There was Mach 11 action ...

                                         We LOOVE that Moth... and Benjamin too!

and our Pacer sailors ...

                                                           the Impulse action was on water ...

Will left the scene early...but Jackson had a rocky experience

                                                      ... but help was on hand

                                                             it was standing room only...

                                                                     picturesque !

Happy wet smiles


                                                                   Gilligan and crew ...

                                                      Colleen kept the boys in line

It was all happening again..

                                                     It even looked like a race ..

                                     Battles between Ray and Maria ... it was 1 each in the end!

We remembered about other harbour traffic ...Oh Yeh!!

there was the odd 'stuff up'

                                                                    a finish for all..

a pretty happy Maria

A trip back in at the end of the day..

and a de brief for the team!


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