Saturday, May 30, 2015

Trophy Night 2015

The end of another season, lifejackets aside for the night and out with the party gear ...

                                               Lynne led the proceedings , giving Steve a pass out..
The table was laden with goodies ..
Christopher ended up with huge block of chocolate for his efforts..

Will was winning shares in Cadburys as well..

Maria and Ken got acquainted

                                           Sponsors were accounted for..

                                                          Barry said a few words..
Volunteers were rewarded..

                                             The Commodore got into the act..

Tim won the first Logie!

followed by a few other colourful characters

                                                     .. even the judging committee won a Logie!

and there were more!

So many ....

some leaned in for it...

some took it out..

Tim did an admirable job of standing in for Dave and Jacqui

There were hand shakes,


                                                              family awards,

                                       Skippers lost in Europe...while the team took the prize

preparations for next Easter..

Flowers for the ladies..

                                                             and the Patrons medal for Sue!

Winter sports anyone?

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