Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Championship Race 1

                                               Dress like a Pirate Day ... (or so they advertised..)

                       The first Championship sail did not go to plan with grey skies,
              a strong wind forecast and a general malaise around the club for ...

                                                 Drink like a Pirate Day..

                                                               oh, sorry ...

                                        it became Drink like a Pirate Day
                               because the weather was too lousy to sail like a Pirate
                               and only a few people actually dressed like a Pirate!

                                    But we have to thank the team from Solitaire
               who managed two out of three for the day...and sailing wasn't one of them!


                                                            Scary pair!


                         I headed out to Spinnaker Park, where it was also windy and grey,
                                         but a better chance of survival for the camera!

                                            the action was distant but you will get the drift..

                                                           this random selection


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Sprint Series 26th September
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Impulse State Titles – 3rd, 4th, 5th October (long weekend)


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