Tuesday, November 27, 2012

CCYC Round the Bay Yacht Race 24th November 2012

View the on board video , taken by Tony Constance , on Doctor's Orders the 31' Farrier.

                 As Doctor's Orders rounded the T4 mark, they shot off with cracked sheets......

            Tony was reminiscing about another time where the multi hull brigade achieved glory...

In the cruising division Tuan looked graceful...

And below deck , Lynne apparently had the nap roster well organised!

Da'Luke also joined in the fun, but weren't in sight for any photos...!

Slim's conversion to being a trimaran sailor is well underway... not that he'll admit it... not on the three beer ration!

There were colourful characters (and wardrobes) abound!

Whilst other's enjoyed the fine conditions!


Or just took in the scenery...

But rest assured there was a lot of hard work to be done by all!


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