Saturday, December 1, 2012

PCSC Championship Race No 5 1/12/2012

For a Championship day .. there were few yachts,
few dinghies.. and plenty of room for crew.. must be coming up to Xmas...
Doctor'e Orders was last to leave the creek..

                                      Immigrant was full of confidence as they headed to the line ..

                                            The crew on Solitaire evan looked ready for battle..

                                                on No Problem we imported some youth and muscle..!

Tuan had the sunroof on..

  The tourists were aboard.. oops .. that's the crew...

                                              Solitaire gave no quarter as Immigrant tried a port start..

                                    ..not too successfully one has to say..


                                                     The Diamond made headway..

                                                    .. but they were bickering  along the way..

                                             The crew were cruising on Doctor's Orders

                          Immigrant tried to look serious..   while the kids played on deck..    

                                             Lex was too colourful to be taken seriously...

                         there was a sparkle on the water....

                               ....  the guys on Solitaire worked it all the way..

                                                                  Tuan's crew kept their cool..

                                            Tom Urie was worth his weight in gold...

we were not supposed to be racing
so   ..........We followed the fleet ....

                                             Solitaire rounded the mark -

                                            Immigrant under spinnaker far away....

                                                          a quiet moment ..

for a boat not racing we were catching up..

                         you have to admit.. that little boat always looks like it's heading somewhere big.....


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