Saturday, November 3, 2012

Championship again, but the weather was dirty!!


                           The water was a muddy brown, the sky and dirty grey and the only colour was the bright orange of the new pacer sails and the colourful wet weather jackets of crew on  yachts!

                             this week,
                                         in no particular order,
                                                                     there was chaos amd mayhem,
            twisted kites, trailing ropes, head buttting booms and everyone was

                                                        wet, wet, wet....................


                   .. theres no chance Callum is ever going to be out of a job on Immigrant!

                                                      Peter discovered just how harrd a boom can be...

                                    ... and swimming looked to be on the agenda..

                                 .. Greg maintained it was drier on the trapeze than in the boat!!

                               .. only the young looked comfortable..


                                          .. everything looked better in black and white

                                         Dirk was ready to rock and roll..

                                              there were cool  kites...


                                                                 the fast and the furious..


                                                         .........the uninitiated..

                                                          .. those in the know..

some made brief appearances ..

                                                     patches of colour..


                                                       close encounters....


                                                           some good rides

                                                          brothers and sisters,

                                                               fathers and daughters..

                                                                         the large and the small...     

                                                             starters and finishers....

                                                     and finally ...

                                                        big boats with big waves....


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