Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sprint Series Heat 1 and 2 September 26th

A mixed fleet of yachts and dinghies turned out for the sprint race series held on Sunday.

They too-ed and fro-d (if that's possible)

The day was humid and muggy, but the rain held off so 7 yachts headed to the start line for Race 1 while about 4 dinghies raced in front of Spinnaker Park.Well 6 plus the very late No Problem.!

Once more Loco got off to a good start with a boat laden with a holiday crew of little kids and big kids- including my kid!


I love a crew who co-operates and all smile for the camera!

Will and Ben

Sophie even krept aboard while Loco waited for us all  to finish!

..... the Moth was scooting around again...

Steve Berry and Roger Fawcett on the new trimaran, Intrigue looked like they were having fun!

While Solitaire - she was here , she was there , she was everywhere!

Theres a boy in there! Trey, Mike Beyers and Rob Auty

Rag Top and Freaky played it safe 

Adrian had lost his boat (the skip was doing the Gold coast Worlds- Sea World, Dreamworld you get my drift...)

Muriel had the helm on upshot

and a pretty picture to finish the day.


  1. Thanks Marina, the kids love seeing photos of themselves sailing!

    Jeanine and Jon

  2. Is anyone having a problem posting a comment? Besides you Rob?

  3. I think that an easy way to post comments is to become a follower ofthis blog by having a google account. I hope that helps !