Friday, September 10, 2010

Patrons Day opens the sailing season.

The life members enjoy a refreshment on board Tuan.
You can see Hannah loves the water!
Loco Had a family crew
NAP attracted the eyes with that fluro colour.
Danon Tried out his new Moth
The girls on Fuzzy Logic had a laugh
Immigrant had a makeover during the winter
Super Freaky looked smart
The two mumms will fight it our this season
Carli on the sails
Jenny took the helm on Wayfarer
The sailing season got off to a good start last Saturday witha successful Open Day. Nine yachts took to the waters of Gladstone Harbour, with Tuan acting as the official yacht for the invited guests and Club life members.


  1. Great idea Marina! I love looking through your pics and seeing what all the Gladstone boats are up to. For anyone interested, in Switzerland, I've been sailing on this new design... its lots of fun!

  2. This is a great idea Marina, well done. I'll be passing the link on to a few interested ex-PCSC sailors. Lynne

  3. Thanks- it is going to be a learning curve! Watch this space!