Sunday, September 12, 2010

Around the Islands race 11th September 2010

The Race around the islands of Gladstone Harbour started with a slow drift as seven or eight yachts tried to make use of the tide to float them over the start line.  It was flukey at best for the first half of the race until we managed to get around Witt Island.

Fenders because the most popular accessory as Thylacine drifted backwards through the fleet at the start line. Immigrant and Loco manged to find the wind first - something to do with having only Mars bars and Red Bull onbooard apparently!! Lots of hot air!

As you can see i love getting a shot like this!

Rag top was the surprise performer of the day, out in front with Super Freaky and Froot Loop. Froot Loop has to have the award for persistence as Cameron was determined to get that purple kite flying evan if it took all day!

The girls worked hard on Loco!

Margie and Max were looking after us - mostly they were just enjoying the flat water !!
On Wayfarer - what can i say - we enjoyed the scenary, Hannah had her L plates on and steered us around the course, allowing the photographer to get a few nature shots along the way.

A nest on top of a channel marker.

And some oother shots from the day!
Yachtie fashion
Freaky and Frooty!!
Muriel looking as if she is on the French Riviera !!!
L Plates - Be very afraid!!!
Thinking about that kite!
Victoria and the crew


Looked like everyone was on L plates!

A smashing time


Brad, Kaye and Ernie

And something arty to end !!

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  1. Great photo's of Saturday. I hope there wasn't too many trials and tribulations getting the blog up and running. Claire