Sunday, October 1, 2017

Day 2 of the Downer Qld Impulse State Titles held at the PCSC


                     Grey skies, a stiff breeze , a full English breakfast and three races to be run!
                                                        With no particular order
                     we are starting with a couple of old fashioned black and white shots
                                                      moody grey skies and reflected light

                                               sometimes the back view is just as interesting

and then there were the splashy, wet shots 

There were those who traveled in pairs 

those who had a swim ..many of whom we missed 

there were those who met the challenge head on ... 

                                          starts went like clock work although a little grey

there were other random comings and goings



                                            there was lots of huffing and puffing and rope work!!


                                                                   the spectator boat          
                                                              The media boats -- one of ...

The End 

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