Saturday, September 30, 2017

The Downer Queensland Impulse Class State Titles held at PCSC


                              It was a blustery, wet day on the water for all concerned
       .. not many people went home dry.. perhaps the guests on No Problem were the exception !

          Start boat, rescue boats, camera boats, Channel 7 media .. it was a cheerful affair

some had issues early in the day 
Charlie got out in the Clinic .. 
there was fierce concentration before the start 

and smiles too ...
                                                     ...  this was looking promising ..A start                                           
                                                            Got away with it too Sheldon !
                                                        .. and in orderly fashion they were off ...
.. not so later in the day , where starts became a game of chance! 

Fortunately in between that madness .. we saw close racing 

                                         we saw a few waving hands.. we waved right back !

                                                            stand up styles ...

                                                 it was  a mish mash at the marks
                                                                 there were neat trios ...

                                             everywhere we looked there were Problem boats...

All aboard tomorrow for another day of viewing on the high seas 

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