Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Smit Lamnalco All boats Regatta

                The sky was blue, the sun shining , the water glittering; the sailors came, the volunteers                                    arrived smiling, the VIP's came prepared to enjoy the day ;
                                      it was a very successful Smit Lamnalco Regatta.

                                                ...   and we have the pictures to show you

            A fleet of thirty mono dinghies, multi hulls and Opti Juniors headed over to Quoin Basin
we  even had a couple of drop ins from South Australia 
the guests on No Problem were doing it tough 
                                                             just hanging around,
                                                                        doing what kids do..                                    
while the Smit Lamnalco team settled in to relax 
 Benjamin bought the Moth out to play - awesome! 
                                                             Racing was soon underway
                                                             coloured sails came into play

                                                                    eye catching colour
                                                                     good cheer
                                                                learning curves
                                                                 a sneaky Moth

                                                                         an I boat
                                                               a Laser or two

                                                          a stream of Impulses

                                                                A colourful trio

                                                                  and some close racing

                                                                   Four little Opti sailors
                                                     some clever backwards technique
                                                                  busy volunteers

                                                   and so they went around for three races
                                            until the sun was low and it was time to go

Sunday dawned another perfect Queensland day 
.....there were little boats everywhere
                                                           Volunteers going above and beyond
                                                 The spectator boat was well stocked in readiness
                                                                      The guests were smiling
                                                           It was a bevy of beauties on board ..
                                            Lynne and Ken had the Red Rib under control
They were lining up for the start ..

                                                               not a good spot for a swim Josh!
and away they went with a nice 8- 10 knots of breeze and building 

                                           Benjamin sailed through and gave a skilled display

                                                The multi start was nicely synchronized

It was a nervous wait for the Opti sailors

                                                  A bit more breeze gave everyone a lift

                                                  As they approached the mark
boats went hither and thither
                                                                      some had the blues
                                                                     the light was intense

                                                 there were little sails and big ships
                                                       Yes.. we could all see what was coming ...
                                           always the front runners ... test the waters

                                                                 concentration and intensity

                                                              strong contrasts

                                                              they came all in a row                                                
                                                                     or one by one ...

but in the end ,, everyone got wet and had fun! 


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