Saturday, April 8, 2017

A few sprints around the buoys.

                     Once again Easter is almost upon us , 
                  and the hard slog into strong South Easterlies
                        has made the delivery trip to Brisbane a chore and not a pleasure;

Our players this year are ;
No Problem..  Ray Hobbs, Carli and crew in the Multi hull Race -

                          Restless... Good luck to John and all who sail on her . another great little boat!

                                        Wistari -  Wishing you luck Scott and crew, it may be a slow haul,
                                   but we know you have good Polish food on board to get you through...
        John,- Effective but loud! We can hardly wait to see this years shirts!
                                                    Heading homewards...  looking for wind

" ... a long stretch of smooth water, a gentle breeze, the stars"
                            William Atkin

See you all back in Gladstone 

Meanwhile back in Gladstone , we didn't have 25- 30 knot winds to sail into !!
So a collection of the days action in photos,

                                                          Solitaire and Intriigue led the way
                                                            followed by Fleur de Lis

                                                     there was action aplenty on Solitaire

                                                        so we stalked them for a while ,
                                                                   before turning to others

                                                    the dinghy fleet were underway

                                                        Peter and Chris already pushing hard

                                            William is proving to be more skilled each week.
Since the yachts had two races and the dinghies three , there were lots of starts, finishes and round and round the buoys

                                            so ... some were starting while others finished

                                                   Racing was close ...
                                                                    .. and colourful

                                                               the start boat looked Autumn cool

                                                        these two battled it out ...

                         Yachts finished as Dinghies started - Solitaire found the GAP

                                                        there was a a broken Vang
                                                                    occasional drenchings
                                                                  lots of back views

                                                               busy at the buoy
                                                                and finally soft light ...

Don't forget the PCSC needs lots of volunteers for Easter -
 come down and lend a hand ! 

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  1. haha! i love all the pictures especially the ones where sailors are falling off of their sail boats! i will surely be attending this competition next year!