Sunday, November 15, 2015

Round the Bay Race 2015 ..... another adventure on the water !

              Race day dawned, with beautiful clear skies and
 the promise of an uncomplicated day on the water...Just dreamin!!!
There were 12 yachts heading for the start line
our usual competition ..
some pretty mono hulls

                                                                 our old favourite

some bold colours

and finally a start boat with flags!
Restless had a nice rear view ,

                                                             there were teams of PCSC sailors

                                                       The Doctor was fully equipped

                                                                    looking smooth..

                                                     There were yachts from CCYC too!!

                                                               amongst us !!

                                                                            Northern Moment



                                                          Spirited Away ... way, way , away

                                                       Yes, that weather was looking just perfect!


 All looking forward to a nice little race around the islands

busy people

smiling faces

                                                             settling into race mode

                                                                       two by two

                                                                      crews at work

Skippers planning ahead

                                                                  a scenic cruise

Spinnakers hoisted

                                                                        teams on the run

Job done ....

                                                            it was all looking pretty good ...


                                                             but after all ... this is yacht racing ,

                               Naturally , the weather turned full circle, the skies went grey,
                                                 the wind blew stronger, the tide turned,  one or two retired,
                                                 there were gear issues amongst the fleet .. everyone dealt with it ...

everyone was wet, but still smiling

                                            it was a washing machine of waves, wind and water

                                                          but we can handle anything!

                                           ... and then just after I finished the radio sched

                                 with everyone in the cockpit , sheltering from the weather,

                                                   there was an almighty bang,                   


                                                         and the entire rig fell down!!!

and it was into 'save what we could ' mode

drop the anchor, check the hulls

call the coast guard,

can't save the mast and headsail, got the main

marked the spot
and this weeks project?
Try and find the mast if we can !

                                                        ...did I mention it was a perfect start?




  1. Hi jeff
    Another race .. not something we needed. . But Ray would really like to recover the mast. A bolt sheared off at top on starboard stay.. nothing broken on actual stick. See how he goes as weather is still bad.

  2. Hope all is ok. We blinked and missed it. Just heard about the drama tonight