Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Third Championship for the year

                                                    Hot, windy, white caps and swell.. and colour everywhere
               Gladstone Harbour delivered another exciting day with a few spills and thrills for all...

                                                 there was a strange Portugese Man o' war
                                                      tied up at the new East shores...

                                                        competition for the HMAS Gladstone ?

we stopped traffic for a wee while, as everyone got out of the creek..


                                                    ...   it was going to be an interesting afternoon..

                                            but we did miss Maria .....home with an ice pack on her knee!

                                                         Jackson and Will were pacering on...

                                                          Christopher was learning all about Race duties

                                                     Matthew and Martin had a bit of the devil in them...

                                    Sue and Colleen were taking a rare chance to have a sail together..

Martin and Matthew displayed  fast and tactical ..


aimed at the RED Rib crew

... can't catch us without a camera!

and speedy on the trigger I AM

and I got you too !

Ray was settling in .. with a new mast up...

Tiernan and Melanie  enjoying the fun

Tim was determination itself..

The corsair crew --another one who decided to take out the Red Rib...


and Craig and the sleeping beauty !!!

it was wet and wild ..

Scott was a lone sailor ..

Apparently there was a lot of extensive vocabulary used here ..

Ray was almost a perfect shot!

 and he still looked fast

Morgan and Steve sailed the Pacer HOT !

along with Tiernan and Mel

A few people had a swim .. but it cooled them down..

there were pretty pictures everywhere..

Scot sped past .. hootin..

there was water spray all day..

Ray snuck around the inside ..

Steve snuck under the boom

There was beautiful symmetry.. what a team!!

the ladies were getting wet!

and  so was the boat .. it seems

it was big smiles all day..

and hard work!

and ... maybe a bit more to be done ..

.. but a free ride home!


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