Sunday, September 14, 2014

The start of a new season,and the first Championship race of the year brings out the crowds.


 Firstly a few photos from last week, when the sky was blue and things looked a little more exciting ...

                         and I can put up a few photos of Ben .. and Ray duelling  on the water

and Jackson of course...

                                             Mathew , Martin and Craig were giving the corsair a workout..

                                                                at times it was a close fit..

                             Ben and Ray again.  everyone else was at Yeppoon , so it was a small field ..



Peter and Dave on the Herc


Steve and Morgan , are there , fair weather or foul

and so onto
 Championship, where the day was colourless and the water a boring reflection of gunmetal grey.
...however Tim kept us entertained with his learning curve on the Impulse
always a difficult day .. the first one ...

                                             David and Scott showed us their new toys...

                                                the starts were here, there and everywhere

with splashes of colour from the nice new hulls ...


                                                the Eiser family were out in the Corsair again...

                                             Peter and Christopher had a few " moments"

Martin and Matthew always wear a smile..

                                                         Garth was playing the angles


                                                  Maria looked in fine form...


                                             Ray was conserving energy



                                                 Tim got advice from the start boat..

                                         Steve and Morgan were creeping up on M&M

The start boat crew were directing operations .. but lets hope the colour returns next week..


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