Saturday, July 26, 2014

Lady Skippers Day

The weather wasn't  much to write home about, but the crowd arrived ready to party; there was no wind, but most managed to get around that .. the rules were written by Lynne, but we managed to get around most of those too...everybody took photos.. and so here are a selection of different vies of the afternoon...

                                    No Problem was coal dust free and actually tidy .. Ray had been away..
The sky was cloudy and grey ..

                          Restless was losing points for Spinakers already!

We played fair and only used one engine... Mainly because it wouldn't shut down!

I was planning on the biggest camera

                                          The crews were looking busy at the start..

Well.. some were ...


                                                       shades of grey everywhere

                                                                 Head waiter !!

Restless crew were happy ...
Rag top was a standout ...

The girls on Restless took control



                           Restless was losing more points than that spinnaker could handle

                                                        Muriel bought the goodies...

Rag top looked a picture

We all looked for JC1.. and found it..

Muriel and Ray discussed tactics

while I .. surprisingly .. took photos
Restless was haloed by weird skies

Team Beach

Everybody is a photographer these days....

Evan in B&W they kept it up...


                                                                    Everybody starred

WE crossed the line at a carefully timed 1500 hours, then let the others steam ahead


                                                We had the maintenance guy back again..

Brien and Karen had the place looking pretty in pink .. High Tea style.

                                                     The girls celebrated

In hot pink style


                                                 .........and the results were clear

                                                                      a good day had by all...



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    Gina Tom
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