Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sprint Races around the buoys..

          It was a busy day for the PCSC club officials , as they kept  a      weather eye out for any suspiciously enhanced performances on the water.   .........which was hard due to the ever changing field of players they had to keep track of..
                ..... it can be cut throat out there...

                    Teams were serious at applying the sunscreen advantage

    The crew on Tuan were fiercely competitive and champing at the bit...

            Lex and his crew were determined to stand up and be counted..

                    Immigrant looked calm... but all was not as it seemed..

                         Steve and Morgan were a formidable team

                           .. ready to take on the unblooded Brad and co...

and seasoned campaigners, Martin and Jack..
The yachts started in two packs -  the ones with watches and the ones without..

               ... we had confirmation that Doctor's Orders was  there for Race 1

                                    Sonofabeach had high hopes..

the dinghies looked like a fleet..

                     it was a tight turn at the mark and .. give no quarter...

                          .. an early withdrawal.. due to injury..

                           ...a colourful collection of sails.

                 Maria was sporting a winning grin.. and it was early days yet..

          Steve had more of a worried .. get me out here kind of grin...

                         Garth concentrated on getting a win

                        Jack was aiming more for papaazzi attention

                                         and setting a fine sight

                        Brad and co ducked and weaved..

                                      Martin stayed cool...
             .. there were others with cameras .keeping track of the fleet..       

                  .. finally it started to look like a yacht race..         

                                  as the wind picked up it got Fast and Furious..


                           Crews got yelled at....

                              big boats headed their way..

                                     seasoned campaigners Skye and Tom..

                                           live thru this ...   


and still have fun..
                               back at the dinghies it was race 2 or 3

                                        Dannon phoned a friend ..

                                and got that new boat launched..

         When one toy breaks ..  

               another late starter  appeared

                                        Matthew and Dirk were there for WH&S

                                       Tuan came through in genteel style...

which let the doctor loose..

               while Barry thought to jump..

                               there was team work in every boat..

                                    Maria was having a very good day...

Jack was happy
                                               Jackson was livin' the dream...

                                     back to reality for Jeff..


                        it was testing times..

.. they got it right in the end..
.. that black kite looks rather sinister..
                    and to finish -
                               a bit of creative arty stuff ,
                                         just for ........


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