Saturday, February 23, 2013

Last week may have seen boats "crash and burn", this week was more of a "slow drift in the tide to wherever you may go..."



                                                  Tuan was feeling blue..

                             Piranha ventured further out.. those pilots...

                                              they know 'stuff'...

                                   the Doctor, Doctor... drifted by...

on No Problem.. we at least were tropically inclined..

                    and while the skipper on Tuan was looking a little concerned ...

                                            everyone else was laughing..

                          .. with 3 knots of tide and zero knots of wind ..

every boat tried a spinnaker ..

                                          with little success..

even when fender close ..

                             of course the scenery wasn't dull...

                                         there was plenty to look at.


                        it was just hard to seperate the tug boats.. from us

by the time  one tug finshed ,

another got in our way..

                         it was re- assuring to see they were race ready...

                                           and we all watched the gap....narrow..

                                        but along the way we saw...


                                                          and trucks..

                                                   and cranes..

                                                      and pylons..
                          then just as we thought we were free of danger...   
                                     .... out jumped another WHARF

                 and all except Piranha .. ended up motoring out of there..

                                      'cause those pilots know tides....

We all hung around for a while ..


                 till finally we got a puff.. which sent the yachts on their way
Piranha had a lift

                                       so we chased her down..

                                   Yes .. surprise!!!'s us Jordy..

                                         smiles from Trevor and Ben..

                                                 a wave to the crew ..

                                    You're  welcome aboard ...

                            ..  we watched Immigrant around the Tripod..

                                   far and near...

                   Doctor's Orders was long gone.. Immigrant on the return..

                            but as in all good stories .. the heroine won

                             the reach home  was perfect for a catamaran

              and the last we saw of Immigrant was a blur in the distance.

which to be fair is how they often see all of us!!

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