Saturday, May 14, 2016

Last Race day for the season.. another Champioship Race and the crews were edgy

                              It was the Last Race of the season, the final Championship and
                                       nerves may have got the better of some yacht crews,

                                                           ...barging at the start line,
                                               boats going every which way, lots of yelling,
                                                                     it was great !

                                                         just what we hoped for...

                                                         some colour and excitement ..

                        and with that over, it was all away on separate courses to the same place ...

                                                 while most headed out to mid harbour, ,

                                                 Solitaire had enough of the pack ...


                                            then the Red Rib team took off to Quoin Basin
                                    where the dinghies had been playing while they waited

                                                  Christopher was in charge on Spinout

                                                      Matthew had Problem out for a spin ,

                                                      Benjamin provided plenty of excitement on the Moth

                                                                great spectator viewing

                                                                 Tim the pirate was back

                                      Garth and Will were having a good day ... at this stage

                                                          the start seemed orderly

                                                      Adrian taking the lead over the line

Scott was in one piece ,
 but Garth and Will retired to the club house after a skirmish at the start line ...

                                                        orange and green battled it out ..


                                                Ray tried out sails and rig changes

David showing similar form

                                                            plenty of Moth action to follow ...

                                               The Moth sailed through the fleet, time and again ..

                                   we had to force ourselves to go back to the rest of the fleet !



                                              Flat water gave everyone a fun day out ..

                                        Benjamin tried setting up a shot , but our timing was out
                                                           I got the splash ... he is in there somewhere!

                                                              and the Moth just kept on going ...

                                                    meanwhile the race continued ..

                                                     David was on Cue ! ( Had to be said )

                                             Racing was close amongst the front runners..



                                               and with a soft light in the sky ...

                                                     the season was complete, 

                                                time to park up, and enjoy the social side of sailing


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