Saturday, April 9, 2016

A few quick sprint races around the harbour

                                              Colour , colour, colour on the water,
                           as a large mixed dinghy fleet took to the water off Spinnaker Park,
                           providing a fabulous view point for the dog walkers and strollers.

The race day began with the start boat in position, moving the four yachts right along, so the dinghies  could get on with it !

                                                      Tiernan and Will were champing at the bit..

                                                     Rag Top showed the multis who was boss!

                                                           with Lynne keeping the crew on their toes..

                                                         perfectly positioned,

                                                with Doctor's Orders following suit..

and away they went down the harbour
 for the first of two races where tide was going to be a factor...

                                   meanwhile the Impulse skippers were crossing swords before the start,

bring it on boys!!
Christopher and Pete are ready for you!

                                               the first race got away at a great rate,


                                             ... a big ship appeared on the horizon,

                                                          so we had to pull on the brakes,

                                                   and head back to the safety of the MV Jack ,


                                               the second start saw a better line up

                                                  Skipper Christopher showed No Fear !
                                                 ...... throwing Pete into the fray...


                                          .. and since we are a sailing club,
                                             and we know boats,
                                             and we know gas....

                                                                 the entire fleet ..

                                                               sailed as one ...

                                                   David showed us a few tricky manoeuvres,

                                                                 It was Impulse after impulse

The Gang of Four tussled it out ...
                                                            Maria tried a different angle ..

                                                    Ray used brute force and splash..

                                                   Spin Out was on the edge,

                                                 Martin was hosting potential new members ,
                                                           .. so was playing nicely...

                                                                   Steve put on some speed,

                                                    because David in Splitter was right behind

                                            Christopher put Pete out there for most of the day..

                                 We gave Tim the Thumbs Up on the coordinating head gear!

                                                           Will was just checking ...

                                                                      Nice shot Boys!

Then those yachts... they did come back

picking their way through the dinghy fleet..

                                                              .. another start, ..

                                                            lines , lines and lines,..

                                       ... there is always a spot during every Saturday,

                                                         that pays with some good shots,

                                                      often it rewards us with mayhem and magic...

                             it was a busy scene heading from A8 up to A7 Channel Marker...

                                                              there was plenty of splash,

                                                    there were shots of Scott where we recognised him!!

Splitter was carving the waves,
                                                                It was Splish Splash,

                                                               .. and rock and roll...


                                                        Sheldon was on even keel ..

                                                           there was some spinning out ...

                                                               spinning in....

                                                             10 minute intervals...

                                               neck and neck , they raced each other,

                                                               a few fell over ,

                                                               but Morgan made quick recovery..

                                                 Tim explored other avenues...

                                        Red is a great colour for a photographer!!

They just coming all afternoon,

                                                            David was carving it up...

                                                                   a quick twist..

                                                          and in to the afternoon sun!

                                                         Race Three , another nice start...

                                                       not quite as choppy ...

                                                         everyone chasing David ..

                                              still plenty of chop and fast outgoing tide ..

                                                                     side by side ...


                                               Martins friend Alby joined the fray..

                                            Morgan was clearly having a great time ...

                                                             Back at another yacht start,

                                                            It was all happening ...

                                                               We tried the head on approach..

.. scared them!!

                                                               Race Four...

                                                        the water was flatter,

                                           and just when we are getting a little 'over it' ..

                                                  Tiernan and Will , threw us a 'curve ball'

                                                 Now, That was entertainment ...

                                                            sailing followed by...

...a Mud Pack of a sort..

                                                  Spa services for free at the PCSC...

                                               It was hard to figure out how to help Scott...

                                                 who seemed to be enjoying his mud bath...

                                                      finally the Impulse crew pulled through ..

                                              .. and the day ended as it started in a splash of colour...


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