Sunday, October 16, 2011

Heat 3 Series One

It was another grey and drizzly day on the harbour .. enough to make me play on photo shop for a while  to try and add a bit of interest to the whole blog experience this week! I was tempted to add a golden sunset , a bright blue tint and maybe evan a tropical island .. but nobody would believe it!

.. so you just have to hope for blue skies and sunshine for next weekend!

                                          looks like a crowd doesn't it .. but actually ..not really!

whoops a bit of PS license here !

Tuan and Intrigue playing at the start mark.

As you guessed i was on Spinnaker Park this week... i needed a week to forget last Saturday!

the harbour traffic behaved very well this week  - thank you Mr Harbour Port control!

Immigrant with Janet on the helm , and Jeff on the rescue boat enjoyed a quiet day....

and i have to say i enjoy seeing No Problem from this angle !

Monochrome was pretty much it........

see how friendly we are........ ?

Tony was enjoying the view on Intrigue!

 although ......Everyone wants to be really friendly at the start.......

Tuan had a complement of crew

Thylacine faded in and out..........
                                                                                  .. next week it Is going to be a blue sky!

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