Sunday, April 10, 2011

The last Championship Race of the season.

Not the usual jostling for position, make it or break it, atmosphere, however the die hards still turned out for a race on the choppy waters on Saturday.
Lots of people got practise in Man overboard drill, including the dinghies!

                                          They were away    

        Ray had a heap of people in Immigrant shirts aboard............all gazing wonderingly at the speeds they were doing?

                        Maybe a few more cats ?      ...........

                        Oh ..that's right there were a couple of other boats out there!  

                                                 Last weeks winners.........

                                         Maria showed her mettle, and never gave up!


                                              a Normal situation here

The start.......                                 


                       It was choppy! We were bouncing around in Gedrick, trying to get straight horizons!


                                                                   1,2,3,4,..that's right!

The light was in the wrong place a lot of the time,

                                                                Confusion reigned ...... well we were confused!      

                                                   Tom was there too.          

           choppy waters, kite coming down.....

                           and i thought i'd just finish with guessed . No Problem!


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